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Runway Layout & Design

Pavement Design, Testing & Repair

Pavement Design, Testing & Repair

Terminals, Hangars, FBO & Towers

Emergency Equipment


Land Acquisition

Master Plans

Grant Preparation and Administration
Simmons Engineering, Inc. has drawn on the broad background of its engineers to prepare master plans for airports including Part 139 Regional Airports. These projects are individualized to meet the needs and requirements of each client. Planning services include facility inventories, site evaluations, layout plans, demand capacity analysis, passenger and aircraft use forecasts, access road and parking plans, pavement evaluations, construction cost estimates and airport financial planning.

Airport programs are coordinated with long-range community planning goals. When necessary, Simmons Engineering, Inc. organizes public participation programs so that local citizens may give input to planning projects.

Having prepare and administer numerious FAA and State Grants, Simmons Engineering, Inc., is familiar with FAA grant programs and capable of administrating the Grants and assisting its clients in preparing applications when project funding for planning or construction is required. Simmons Engineering, Inc. works closely with the Airports District Office (ADO) in preparing the required documents needed to request, administer and close out all facets of the Grant process.

Complete engineering and design services are available in all phases of project execution. Our design experience and expertise include terminals, runways, hangars, taxiways, aprons, ramp lighting, ground traffic control, drainage, fuel supply, utility systems, and emergency equipment. We are capable of either developing a new airport or improving existing facilities. With our team of experienced and flexible staff, projects can be individualized in all stages--planning, design, and construction management--to coincide with the variables found on each project.

Comprehensive professional services are complemented by a wide range of technical equipment and support facilities that are available within the firm. A complete soils testing laboratory, computer assisted design system and survey team make the technical aspects of lab and field investigations financially and temporally expeditious.

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