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Environmental Engineering

Dry & Wet Landfills

Industrial Lagoons

Hazardous Waste Collection & Containment

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Phase II Intrusive Studies

Phase III Remedial Action

Industrial Spill Prevention

Mining Permits & Reclamation

Soil Permeability

GeoProbe Sampling

HDPE Liner Coupon and Vacuum Seam Testing

Since 1980, when the Comprehensive Environmental Response and Cleanup Liability Act (CERCLA) was promulgated, potential environmental liability associated with hazardous materials has become a matter of utmost concern to industrial, commercial, government, and residential owners of real estate. Simmons Engineering, Inc. has applied its geotechnical and geologic expertise to determine due diligence of environmental challenges at industrial plants, landfills, lagoons, underground storage tank sites, mining permits and reclamation.

Independent certification for environmental protection agencies and reclamation efforts by others is accomplished per ASTM testing procedures administered by our experienced staff using our extensive materials testing laboratory equipment.

Contact us to arrange for laboratory testing of your landfill liner samples. Our service features quick and accurate response in testing liner coupon samples per ASTM procedures.