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Earthquake Engineering

Simmons Engineering, Inc.'s extensive facilities, equipment, and laboratories enable it to execute any testing assignment. This firm has the capacity to perform subsurface investigations for new or remedial construction, to execute laboratory analysis of samples by ASTM procedures, to conduct permeability testing of soils used to contain landfills, lagoons, or hazardous wastes, and to make recommendations for allowable bearing loads to the client.

Principles of soil mechanics, geology, and foundation engineering are combined by our engineers with field and laboratory testing data to produce the answers to questions formed by clients and personnel. Data is assembled and organized so that, in turn, it may be analyzed and evaluated. Consideration for time and financial limitations and priorities are synthesized with the results of these investigations by our professionals who are able to determine a course of action for planning, design, and construction of an unlimited variety of projects.

Simmons Engineering, Inc.'s total service capabilities, made possible by its experienced and competent professional and technical staff, function with efficiency and high standards of performance due to the complete soils testing laboratory,
geotechnical exploration equipment and computer assisted design systems readily available within the firm.