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Highway and Bridge Design

Rural Secondary & Primary Highways

Urban and Interstate Highways

Collector/Distributor Systems

Long or Short Span Bridges

Prestressed/Precast/Post- Tensioned Concrete or Steel Structures

The Staff of Simmons Engineering, Inc. consists of highly trained and experienced professional engineers, surveyors, designers, technicians, and draft persons implementing a team approach to highway and bridge design. Our highly skilled and professional staff is augmented by our own aerial photogrammetry department. A complete soils testing laboratory and a computer assisted design system for drainage, surveying and structures complement the capabilities of our staff.

Our highway and bridge projects involve both structural and aesthetic considerations. Sub-surface analysis, planning, construction supervision, right of way, maintenance, and utility considerations are managed by our firm's versatile staff.

Our clients include county fiscal courts which encompass county road bridges, inspection, new design as well as remedial design; state and federal highway administration which include urban high density intersection and roadway traffic capacity studies, urban and rural roadway and structural designs; and industry which consists of parking lots and industrial street pavement design for heavy vehicular loads.

The proven reliable technology and design by our staff makes any size project, small and simple to large and complex, a welcomed assignment. The challenges and responsibilities of highway and bridge design are met with an accountable, reliable partnership with the client to carry the project from conceptual design, through construction to completion.